Footings and Footing Design

A building footing is essentially a connecting medium between the building frame and the foundation material supporting the building. Footings are so integral to the long term viability of a structure that their design deserves and requires a great deal of attention. An expert design and site-specific construction of a well designed footing system saves significant costs in the long term maintenance of a structure and enhances its value.

As a footing transfers loads of the superstructures above to the foundation material as well as resists loads from the earth, careful consideration of a footing design makes the whole structure stable and adequate.

We aim to provide our clients with the best possible footing design solutions for their constructions by offering them as much information as necessary to make the best possible educated decision for their unique situation. 

Once assessed by a geotechnical engineer, we will show you a practical and reliable footing design that will ensure a construction that is strong, durable and problem free.





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