Hydraulic/Stormwater Engineering Services

The provision of stormwater designs for housing, multi-unit and commercial developments is an expanding aspect of our services. Every development is required to have a proper drainage system installed to the satisfaction of responsible authorities.

To achieve this, we offer our clients a detailed design and all supporting documentation of the stormwater drainage network ranging from residential to commercial and industrial developments.

Our team provides design solutions for OSD and retention or absorption systems for specific needs and requirements of each individual development site.

Our stormwater design involves provision and construction of on-site Stormwater Detention systems (“OSD”).  OSD is a specifically designed system of collecting stormwater run-off, generated by a development, and slowly discharging it into the public drainage system in a manner that does not increase risks of downstream flooding.

Any collected excess water may also be reused for different purposes such as irrigation and gardening, washing cars and flushing toilets etc.





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