I have known and  worked with Top Consulting Group., for 20 plus years and shared in excess of 200 projects with construction costs varying from S10,000 -$3,500,000. I have found them to be  professionals who are extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of construction and very accommodating to my architectural company , builders, owners and other consultants. In addition, Top Consulting. have always provided us with timely, comprehensive responses, which has proved invaluable in our problem solving decisions.

Rocco Raso
0414 387 500
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I have been working with Mr Topolinsky from TOP Consulting on a professional basis since 2003. SPMA are client side project managers. Our dealings with TOP have been in relation predominantly to investigation of defects. TOP have a strength in identifying with their forensic engineering knowledge and successfully prosecuting defects on our Clients behalf. Many consultants can find defects with Contractor's work but without a meaningful and considered reasoning you will ultimately fail to demonstrate a defect in accordance with the Home Building Act or the rectification will be so watered down as to not protect the Client's interest. TOP have successfully assisted in winning a number of complex cases with their specialised knowledge on causation and repair of building defects.

Peter Blair
Project Director
Structured Project Management (Australia)
Suite 2, 21 Fountain St
Alexandria  NSW  2015

Phone 02 9319 6366
Mob 0419 177 176
Fax 02 9319 6233
Web www.spma.com.au
Email pblair@spma.com.au


I have known Vadim Topolinsky professionally for in excess of seven (7) years during which time Vadim as principal of Top Consulting Group has been engaged by our firm as an Expert in his capacity as a Structural and Civil Engineer in relation to complex building matters, structural engineering, design, engineering investigation and diagnostics.

Vadim is dedicated to providing quality professional services to his clients as supported by his outstanding credentials and qualifications in his field of expertise, and in our dealings with him, he has always provided:
(a)        ongoing support and communication with us to ensure timely and costs effective delivery of services for our clients;
(b)       his reports and advices well within the requisite time frame;
(c)        maintained ethical standards in his dealing with us;
(d)       flexibility, tailored to meet our needs and the needs of our clients; and
(e)        necessary report which assists to promote a highly successful and satisfactory outcome for our clients.

Vadim's abilities in oral and written communications are excellent. In my personal view, I have always found Vadim to be a person of integrity and honesty, striving for excellence and who has no difficulty in communicating and engendering the confidence of clients, his professional colleagues and any other persons who deal with him from time to time.

If you require any further information in support of this reference, please do not hesitate to contact me on (02) 9221 6011.

Yours faithfully
WATSON & WATSON Solicitors
Richard Watson

9th Floor Watson House
300 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
{02)9221 6011
Facsimile: 9221 4369
Email: richard@watsonandwatson.com.au


I have had a long and fruitful professional relationship with Vadim Topolinsky, of Top Consultancy, for over 27 years Mr Topolinsky has been commissioned by my Building Company and by my Building Consultancy as a Structural and Forensic Engineer providing expert evidence in many building disputes before the courts and tribunals.

In over 50 years in the construction industry I have worked with and have been instructed by many Structural Engineers.   I do not hesitate to place Mr Topolinsky foremost in his profession both in Knowledge, punctual delivery of his services, his professional integrity  and professional competency.  

Andrew M. Daniels
AMD (Building Consultants) Pty Limited.
PO Box 371
Maroubra NSW 2035
(02) 9349 5868
Email: amd@building-consultants.com.au


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